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Large, protruding, or prominent ears are often a source of teasing during childhood. Even in adulthood, many people with ear shape, size, or projection abnormalities feel self-conscious about this. Otoplasty, sometimes known as ear pinning surgery, is a cosmetic procedure designed to improve the shape, size, position, or proportion of your ears for a more balanced and natural appearance.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Tomer Avraham is a seasoned expert in cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Avraham has extensive ear surgery experience with both children and adult clients. The surgeon utilizes advanced techniques and his novel individualized approach to surgery to deliver long-lasting results and better facial symmetry.

What Causes Protruding Ears?

Protruding ears (bat ears) are a common reason for having ear surgery. These are most often caused by underdeveloped ear cartilage. During fetal development, the outer ear folds in to create the characteristic folds and curves. In some cases, this folding doesn’t happen conclusively, resulting in ears that stick out more than usual. This condition may be inherited or occur randomly. Dr. Avraham uses advanced surgical methods when performing ear surgery to correct bat ears.

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Who is a Good Candidate for Otoplasty

You may be a suitable candidate for ear plastic surgery if you:

During your ear surgery consultation visit at Avraham Plastic Surgery NYC, Dr. Avraham will collect some basic information about your concerns and let you know whether this procedure is for you.

What is the Best Age for Otoplasty?

Most of Dr. Avraham’s ear surgery patients are children between the ages of 4 and 14. Human ears are nearly fully grown by age 4, and the surgeon recommends electing this surgery sooner rather than later. Dr. Avraham also performs ear surgery in adults with no additional risks expected.

Benefits of Otoplasty Plastic Surgery

For qualified patients, some of the key benefits of ear-pinning surgery include the following:

Earlobe Repair Surgery

There are many factors that may cause torn or stretched earrings. Some common culprits are injuries from a sudden yank on an earring or the gradual pulling force of heavy earrings over time. Ear gauges may gradually weaken the earlobe tissue and sometimes lead to wear. Some less common reasons include birth deformities and wearing tight earrings over a long time. Regardless of the cause, Dr. Avraham offers expert torn earlobe repair surgery to patients from the city and surrounding New York areas. Through this surgery, the surgeon aims to restore earring wearability and achieve a natural-looking earlobe contour.

Dr. Avraham’s Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is typically an outpatient procedure performed at Dr. Avraham’s ultra-modern surgical facility. The surgeon’s individualized surgical approach prioritizes your comfort and a positive experience. An anesthesiologist will administer anesthesia to keep you comfortable throughout the treatment. Incisions are usually hidden behind your ears or within the creases of your ears. Dr. Avraham will trim and remodel the cartilage of your ears as needed before stitching the incisions. A headband will be provided to support healing. The entire procedure takes 1 – 2 hours to complete. You will be put in Dr. Avraham’s recovery room, where you will be monitored for a brief moment before you are allowed to go home for recovery.

What Should I Do in Preparation?

To optimize your otoplasty experience, a thorough consultation with Dr. Avraham will address your medical history, medications, and past surgeries. Certain medications you may be taking may need to be adjusted. If you smoke, quitting well in advance is crucial for optimal healing. Arrange for transportation home and some initial recovery help. The office of Avraham Plastic Surgery NYC will be able to answer all your questions and also provide detailed pre-operative instructions to make sure you are fully prepared for a smooth otoplasty procedure.

What is Recovery Like?

You’ll wear a head bandage for a few days to minimize swelling and discomfort, Dr. Avraham will provide some medication to help reduce the discomfort. Swelling and bruising typically subside within a couple of weeks. You will be able to resume most daily activities quickly but should avoid strenuous exercise until after full recovery. Our office will provide detailed recovery instructions and remain available to provide any support you may need.

Otoplasty Complications

Otoplasty is a safe procedure with minimal risks. However, like any other surgery, complications may occur. Potential concerns include infection, bleeding, allergic reaction to anesthesia or medications, asymmetry (uneven results), and numbness around the incision site. Seasoned plastic surgeons like Dr. Avraham utilize advanced techniques to minimize these risks and ensure a safe and rewarding procedure.

Otoplasty and Insurance Coverage

Otoplasty performed solely to improve prominent ears is typically considered cosmetic. In these cases, insurance coverage is unlikely. However, if the procedure addresses a birth defect affecting hearing or causing discomfort, it might be classified as reconstructive. Insurance may offer some coverage in these situations. Following your one-on-one consultation visit, Dr. Avraham’s office may offer some personalized information regarding the likelihood of insurance coverage.

Schedule an Ear Surgery Consultation

If you’re looking for one of the best ear surgery New York has to offer, the team at Avraham Plastic Surgery NYC is ready to help. Dr. Avraham is a highly experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon with a track record that speaks for his skills. Contact Dr. Avraham’s office to learn more about this procedure or schedule a consultation visit.

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