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Chin Implant NYC

Our faces lose volume as we age, causing a sagging jowl and an undefined jawline. This sometimes leads to a small, under-projected, weak or recessed chin that affects your overall facial profile and aesthetics. Chin implant aesthetic plastic surgery aims to address these concerns to achieve proper chin projection, symmetry, and proportion to the rest of your face.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Tomer Avraham is a seasoned expert in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. The surgeon has years of experience helping patients with undefined chins or turkey necks achieve a pleasing facial profile. Dr. Avraham offers an individualized treatment approach that prioritizes your safety while fine-tuning the surgical approach to suit your aesthetic goals.

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Incision Techniques for Chin Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Avraham uses one of several incision techniques to suit the patient’s needs.

Types of Chin Implants

Chin augmentation surgery uses alloplastic implants created from a medical-grade, biologically compatible synthetic material. High-grade silicone-gel implants may also be used. The majority of chin implants may be classified as either smooth or porous. Smooth chin implants have a non-porous surface that makes it easier for the surgeon to maneuver them through the chin. Porous or textured chin implants, on the other hand, have small cavities that adhere to the hin tissue and reduce the risk of the implant shifting position. During your pre-surgery consultation, Dr. Avraham will help you choose the right implant size, projection, and shape to suit your goals.

Chin Implants for Women

Dr. Avraham appreciates the desire for a balanced, defined jawline that complements feminine features. He offers chin implants specifically designed to subtly enhance chin projection while maintaining natural softness and tailoring the result to your unique beauty. During your consultation, Dr. Avraham will discuss your goals and recommend the implant that best empowers you to achieve a profile that reflects your confidence.

Chin Implants for Men

A defined jawline is a cornerstone of a masculine profile. Chin implant surgery can create a chiseled, angular look by strategically adding projection and balancing your facial features. With various implant options, Dr. Avraham tailors the procedure to achieve the jawline strength that best reflects your confidence and masculinity.

Chin Implant vs. Genioplasty

Chin enhancement may be achieved through two methods (chin implants and genioplasty). Chin implants offer a quicker and less invasive approach by utilizing a pre-made implant to add volume to your chin. This translates to a faster recovery, but the results may not be permanent and might feel slightly artificial. Genioplasty, on the other hand, reshapes your chin bone for a more permanent and customizable outcome. While it involves a longer recovery and carries more surgical risks, genioplasty may achieve a natural look and address underlying chin bone structure issues.

How Does Genioplasty Work

Genioplasty is a type of chin augmentation that aims to correct and enhance asymmetries in the jawline and chin areas. Genioplasty surgery focuses on repositioning or cutting away bone to reshape the chin and jawline. Depending on the goals of your facial plastic surgery, the surgeon may add chin implants to enhance the overall facial contour.

Your Chin Augmentation Consultation

Your chin augmentation in New York City consultation is an important opportunity for the surgeon to discuss your goals and answer your questions. During this one-on-one visit, Dr. Avraham will also discuss implant options, materials, and placement techniques. You will be given some basic preparation steps to ensure an optimal surgical experience. Dr. Avraham’s office may also provide an individualized cost estimate for your treatment.

Chin Implant FAQs