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Breast Reduction NYC

Excessive breast tissue can cause neck, back, and shoulder pain, limit your ability to exercise, and restrict your clothing options. A breast reduction is a surgical procedure of choice to reduce the size and weight of your breasts while bringing them into better proportion with your figure. It helps address physical or psychological discomfort associated with overly large or heavy breasts. Dr. Avraham personally evaluates the needs of each patient during a consultation and designs a custom treatment plan to help them obtain their goals and improve their quality of life.

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What Are the Benefits of a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also referred to as reduction mammoplasty, offers significant benefits:

Who is a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

You may be a good candidate for breast reduction techniques if you:

  • Are in overall good health (physical and emotional).
  • Suffer from chronic back, neck, and shoulder pain as a result of overly large breasts.
  • Experience discomfort when engaging in certain physical activities.
  • Have rashes beneath the breasts or around the bra straps.
  • Have a hard time finding properly-fitting clothes and bras.
  • Have realistic expectations from this surgical procedure.

Many medical insurance policies offer at least partial coverage for breast reduction procedures. This often entails specific documentation requirements. For more information on insurance and breast reduction surgery, please see the relevant section further down the page or directly reach out to our office.

Prepare for Your Breast Reduction Surgery in New York

Careful planning for your breast reduction surgery is an important step toward a successful outcome and smooth recovery:

Remember that Dr. Avraham and his entire New York office team are here to support you throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or share any concerns you may have as you prepare for this cosmetic surgery.

How Is the Breast Reduction Procedure Performed?

Dr. Avraham offers breast reduction as an outpatient procedure, meaning that patients are typically able to return home after surgery without an overnight hospital stay. Different techniques can be employed based on the specific details of the case, including how much tissue is being removed from the breasts.

Most breast reductions are performed using either the vertical or wise pattern techniques. In both cases, an incision is made around the areola with an additional incision extending vertically down towards the breast crease. For a wise pattern breast reduction, an additional incision is made in the crease under the breast.

During the procedure, Dr. Avraham removes excess breast tissue and skin. The remaining tissues are then elevated on the chest wall and contoured into a more desirable breast shape. The nipple and areola are also raised and resized, as needed, to create a more pleasing aesthetic.

“Dr. Avraham, I am truly grateful to have had such a skilled surgeon as my doctor. Thank you and your team for all the excellent care I received.”

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Dr. Avraham’s Breast Reduction Techniques

As one of the best breast reduction surgeons in the city of New York, Dr. Tomer Avraham specializes in a variety of techniques to suit the needs of different patients.

Most breast reductions are performed using either the vertical or wise pattern (anchor) techniques. In both cases, an incision is made around the areola, with an additional incision extending vertically down toward the breast crease. For a wise pattern breast reduction, an additional incision is made in the crease under the breast. However, during your initial consultation visit, Dr. Avraham’s team will discuss the best breast reduction technique for you based on your unique goals and anatomy.

Scarless Breast Reduction in New York City

While some information online might mention “scarless” breast reduction, it’s important to be realistic about expectations. Traditional breast reduction requires incisions to remove excess tissue and reshape the breasts. These incisions heal into scars, though modern techniques minimize their appearance.

Liposuction breast reduction, sometimes referred to as the “scarless” technique, uses tiny incisions for fat removal. This can achieve a small reduction with minimal scarring, but it’s unsuitable for everyone. Factors like skin elasticity and desired size reduction determine if you’re a good candidate.

Teenagers and Adolescent Patients

Dr. Tomer Avraham understands that electing breast reduction surgery for your teenager can be a big decision.

Breast reduction may be a reasonable option for teenagers and adolescent patients if they have physical limitations, discomfort (e.g. back or shoulder pain), or emotional issues caused by overly large breasts. While discussing this surgery with parents, Dr. Avraham will consider the following:

Dr. Avraham is happy and equipped to work with you to explore all options and determine if breast reduction is the right path to improve your teenager’s comfort and confidence.

What Does Breast Reduction Recovery Involve?

Since breast reduction is typically performed on an outpatient basis, patients can return home within a few hours after their procedure. A ride home will need to be arranged in advance. Patients are generally asked to wear a surgical compression bra and avoid strenuous activities for at least four weeks after their procedure. Depending on the physical demands of an individual’s job, time off from work can usually be limited to a few days to a week. Most patients report that any post-operative discomfort is well-managed and resolves quickly.

What Are the Typical Results of a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery is often rated as one of the most satisfying plastic surgeries. Patients generally report feeling more comfortable and confident, with an enhanced overall quality of life. The symptoms associated with overly large or heavy breasts are typically reduced or eliminated, and women are generally thrilled with their beautiful, natural-looking new breast proportions. The aesthetic outcomes of a breast reduction are often compared to those of a breast lift, with the breasts appearing firmer, more lifted, and in better balance with a woman’s physique.

Will Insurance Cover My Breast Reduction?

In some cases, insurance may provide coverage for a breast reduction. Our office will work with you to gather documentation that may support the medical necessity of the procedure.

Our team will assist in whatever way we can with the documentation and pre-authorization process.

Breast Reduction FAQs

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If you live in the city of New York or out of town and are considering an expert-performed breast reduction, the next step is to have a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Avraham. The plastic surgeon is an established expert in the field equipped to deliver results and offer a pleasant surgical experience. Contact his office at Avraham Plastic Surgery NYC to learn more.