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Breast Augmentation NYC

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure that enlarges your breasts to enhance their projection, shape, and overall aesthetic. Plastic surgeons accomplish this using various incision placements as well as various types of breast implants, which come in a wide range of materials, shapes, and sizes.
New York’s Dr. Tomer Avraham is a leading plastic surgeon who has helped numerous women augment smaller breasts and improve their sense of confidence through this cosmetic surgery. Dr. Avraham is known to evaluate the needs of each patient and help select the implants that are most ideal for their desired goals. He aims to provide the best breast augmentation NYC has to offer. The goal is beautiful, natural-looking breasts that flatter the figure and leave women filled with confidence.

Fun Procedure Facts

Breast augmentation has remained one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was the top cosmetic surgery with 298,568 implant placement procedures completed within the US in 2022 alone. Breast enlargement also boasts very high patient satisfaction rates (96% at real patient ratings and 95% at realself.com).

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Candidates For Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enlargement surgery (augmentation mammoplasty) may be the right fit for you if:

  • You have a stable weight and no major health concerns.
  • You are bothered by breasts that are too small, uneven, or have lost volume after pregnancy.
  • You are at least 18 years old and have breasts that are fully developed.
  • You have realistic expectations about the outcome of this cosmetic surgery.

During an initial consultation visit in New York, Dr. Avraham can evaluate individual goals and anatomy and help set appropriate expectations for the result.

You may not be a good candidate for breast implant surgery if you are pregnant or are currently breastfeeding, have an infection, or have cancer or pre-cancer and have not been treated adequately.

Breast Implants Options

Breast implants come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Dr. Avraham can assist in selecting the implants best suited to a woman’s cosmetic goals during the consultation process. We’ll discuss your goals and recommend the shape that best compliments your body and desired outcome. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, so let’s find the perfect fit together!

Breast Implant Shapes

Breast implants come in two main shapes: round and teardrop (anatomical). They each create a different look:

Breast Implant Sizes

Breast implant sizes are measured in cubic centimeters (cc) and typically range from around 100cc up to 800cc or even more in rare cases.

Dr. Avraham is equipped to recommend the right breast implant size based on your existing breast tissue, your body frame, and your desired look. Remember that cup size is not the only factor that will affect the look of your augmented breasts.

Breast Implant Placement

Implant placement plays a big role in the outcome of your breast augmentation surgery. Dr. Avraham has two main options:

Saline Implants Vs. Silicone Implants

Dr. Avraham uses either saline or silicone implants for the majority of his breast augmentation surgeries in New York.

Silicone Breast Implants

Silicone breast implants are composed of a silicone outer shell pre-filled with a silicone gel. The consistency of the silicone gel is designed to mimic that of breast tissue for an exceptionally natural look and feel.
Silicone implants come in a variety of different sizes and profiles, allowing patients to customize their results based on their individual proportions and aesthetic goals. The FDA has approved the use of silicone breast implants for cosmetic surgery in patients aged 22 and above. About 80% of breast implant procedures are completed using this type of implant.

Saline Breast Implants

Saline breast implants are made up of a silicone outer shell that can then be filled with a sterile saline (saltwater) solution. These implants are approved for use in patients aged 18 and over. These are used in about 20% of all implant-based breast augmentations.

Incision Techniques For Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Avraham offers various breast augmentation incisions to match the requirements of different procedures:

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

For patients who wish to add volume to their breasts without using implants, fat transfer breast augmentation may be an optimal solution. Fat transfer involves removing unwanted fat from one region of a patient’s body—such as the abdomen, flanks, inner thighs, or back—via liposuction and then using the harvested fat to add volume to the breasts.

Many patients appreciate the two-fold benefits of this procedure, which effectively combines the slimming and smoothing capabilities of liposuction with the volumizing effects of breast augmentation. However, fat grafting typically produces more subtle results when compared with implant-based augmentation. It is usually only ideal for women seeking a limited increase in breast size.

Recovery From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Avraham’s breast enlargement patients will need someone to pick them up from surgery and help them get home. Some degree of discomfort is common in the first few days, but this is generally easily managed and resolved quickly.
While everyone experiences recovery differently, most women can get back to work within a few days to a week. Our team will apply surgical garments that should be worn for the first four weeks to help with recovery. You should avoid strenuous exercise for about four weeks and strictly follow all the other post-op instructions provided to you.

Breast Augmentation Together With Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Some women choose to have a breast augmentation with a lift. This can be a good decision because a breast lift (mastopexy) improves the perkiness and shape of your breasts while augmentation adds fullness. If you are interested in this combo, feel free to discuss the details with Dr. Tomer Avraham.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

Breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery. It is a relatively short operation, often taking less than an hour. The incision used to introduce the implant is usually made in the fold underneath the breast, so as to be almost imperceptible, though in some cases the incision may be along the areola. Using this incision, Dr. Avraham creates a “pocket” within which the implant will be placed. Whether the breast pocket is created in front of the muscle (subglandular) or behind the muscle (subpectoral) will depend on the unique anatomy and aesthetic goals of the patient. Once the breast implant has been properly situated within the pocket—and in the case of saline implants, filled to the desired volume—Dr. Avraham will close the incisions, and the breast augmentation is complete!

Schedule Breast Augmentation

Dr. Tomer Avraham aims to be the best breast augmentation surgeon in New York City. As an established plastic surgeon who has contributed years of hard work to the field, he is fully committed to results and patient safety. Dr. Avraham tailors each breast enlargement procedure to achieve your individual goals. Contact our office if you’d like to learn more about his approach and track record with this procedure.