Patient Reviews

“Dr. Avraham-

This is just a small token of our appreciation for all that you have done for us over the past few months.

Switching to a new physician and developing a rapport, and a feeling of trust, with them usually takes time. The fact that we didn’t have a lengthy history with your or your practice before proceeding with surgery could have been anxiety-producing for me, however, you took your time with us and quickly garnered our trust with your affable demeanor and obvious competency.

The fact that you then also made yourself available to us via text was not only kind beyond measure but it was a gift that we have been tremendously grateful for.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you – for your patience, your persistence, your approachability, your compassion and understanding, for making yourself accessible, for the level of care that you are provided… for all of this, and more, we thank you.


S. N.

“Good Tuesday Morning!

I hope this message finds you well. I am doing the best! I am healing up great. Thank you for taking my case, caring for me and giving me the absolute best breasts on the planet! After getting diagnosed I looked at before and after mastectomy reconstructions and I think I can safely say my Google breast image search history would rival that of a teenage boy. I thought my breasts were perfect before and how could perfection be improved upon? Well you did it! Thank you for making me more than whole again! I think you’ll be really pleased with the outcome at my next follow up.”

E. B.

“Anyone who saves a single life, it’s as if he saved the whole world.”
Sanhedrin 4:5

Dear Dr. Avraham,

Thank you so much for being such an essential part of my care team & helping me with preventative measures to preserve my life.

P.S. The cookies are Kosher!”

E. W.

“Dearest Dr. Avraham,

Thank you for being a dedicated & compassionate surgeon and working me with toward a pain-free and healthy result. Hopefully this is it! Most of all I am comforted by your understanding and care.

Bob feels equally confident with your care & kind attention.

Most gratefully,”

V. G.

“Dr. Avraham,

Since thanks for all you’ve done.

I am happy to have had you as a part of my team of doctors who have helped me through a difficult period in my life that I’ve ever experienced. Your kindness and guidance made my ordeal bearable and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Best wishes to you at Yale Hospital.


T. B.

“Dr. Avraham,

Cancer brought me to my knees – You brought me to my feet.

Thank you,”

A. W.

“Dr. Avraham,

I am truly grateful to have such a skilled surgeon as my doctor. Thank you to you and your team for the excellent care I received.

With appreciation and warm regards,”

L. B.

“When I received my diagnosis in December, I somehow knew everything would be okay. To be carefree and restored mentally and physically is a gift! Thank you for exceeding all expectations. I am beyond thrilled with the outcome and grateful to have had such a skilled and wonderful surgeon, and team of healthcare experts at my side. Thank you.”

R. T.

“Hi Dr. A! I can’t let a Thanksgiving pass without letting you know that everyday when I look at myself, I marvel at your work and think of you. I feel lucky our paths crossed. You put all of yourself into your work and it makes a difference, it’s noticed and remembered.”

C. G.

“Hi Dr. Avraham. I just wanted to thank you for everything. When we first met you said we will be best friends when this is over. You were right. You are an amazing, caring, brilliant doctor… I have been blessed.”

F. D.